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Thai-Chinese Culture Blended

Thai and Chinese are called brother and sister. Centuries, Chinese migrated to this country and lived under the Royal patronage. Till its culture is blended with Thai inseparably. That culture is unique that you cannot find it other places. The Thai and the Chinese cultures are now seamlessly blended together in many aspects, including the art of cooking.

Thailand is an ideal place for enjoying genuine Chinese food that tastes exactly like that of its country of origin. As well as, you can’t eat the authentic Thai taste in countries other than Thailand.¬†Fasai restaurant offers the unique taste of Thai-Chinese culture that you cannot find it elsewhere.

Fasai has absorbed the recipes from his ancestor, Cantonese, and Thai till it is one. Moreover, the owner is likely to taste and took those flavor around the world, blended to be an exclusive taste of Fasai.

So if you want to experience food blended of Thai and Chinese culture in which clean, unique, reasonable price, don’t miss Fasai.