Recommended Route

Route 1 Day-Night Trip

Grand Palace – Fasai – Vimanmek Mansion – Khao San Road

You will enjoy spectacular scene at the Grand Palace in the morning. Around 11.30 am, take a taxi to Fasai restaurant. You can take a rest during your trip and energize your soul with nutrition food, cultural taste. We promise that you will never forget the indulge sense at Fasai.

After you fulfill a fuel, you may head to another highlight, namely, Vimanmek Masion. Just 1.4 km away from Fasai.

In the evening, you may continue a trip at Khao San Road thus far 3.7 km, take a dinner and enjoy the atmosphere on Khao San Road.

Route2 Day – Night Trip

Vimanmek Mansion – Fasai – Grand Palace – Khao San Road

Visit Vimanmek Mansion in the morning. Then take a lunch at Fasai Restaurant. In the afternoon, visit Grand Palace. And take a nightlife at Khao San Road.

Route3 Night Trip

Fasai – Khao San Road

You may enjoy dinner at Fasai Restaurant at 5.30 -6.30 pm. Then move to be dazzled night life at Khao San Road (just 3.7 km)


Baipai – Vimanmek – Fasai – Khao San Road

In the morning, you will take an edutainment at Baipai (The most famous Thai Cooking School) and enjoy the real Thai cuisine with your hand. Then you take a lunch with your outcome.
Afternoon, you will admire Vimanmek Mansion (The world’s largest golden teakwood mansion). Then have a dinner at Fasai Restaurant. After that, you may enjoy a nightlife at Khao San Road.

Route5 Weekend Trip

Baipai – Chatuchak Weekend Market – Fasai – Khao San Road

In the morning, learn Thai cooking at Bapai Thai Cooking School. In the afternoon, shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market where is suitable for a bargain-hunter, until late evening.
Then just 5 km distance from Chatuchak Weekend Market to Fasai Restaurant to take a fine dinner. And ending nightlife at Khao San Road.